Skipton People of Historical Interest


Appear in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography – i.e. of some national interest/significance

Historical rather than still alive

Born in Skipton/immediate surrounds and/or

Lived in Skipton/immediate surrounds and/or

Died/buried in Skipton/immediate surrounds and/or

Educated in Skipton


Atkinson, Robert (1839-1908), philologist

Barrett, Stephen (1719-1801), schoolmaster and Church of England clergyman, born at Bent in the parish of Kildwick in Craven

Bronte, Charlotte (1816-1855), novelist, worked as governess at Lothersdale in 1839

Caley, George (1770-1829), farrier and botonist, born in Craven, Yorkshire

Clifford, Anne, countess of Pembroke, Dorset and Montgomery, (1590-1676), noblewoman

Clifford, Francis, fourth earl of Cumberland (1559-1641), nobleman

Clifford, George, third earl of Cumberland (1558-1605), courtier and privateer

Clifford, Henry, first earl of Cumberland (c.1493-1542), magnate

Clifford, Henry, fifth earl of Cumberland (1592-1643), local politician and royalist officer

Clifford, Henry, second earl of Cumberland (1517-1570), magnate

Clifford, Roger, fifth Baron Clifford (1333-1389), magnate

Clifford, Thomas, eighth Baron Clifford (1414-1455), magnate

Craven, Sir William (c.1545-1618), merchant and local politician, born Appletreewick

Croft, George (1747-1807), Church of England clergyman and religious writer, born Beamsley

Dawson, Geoffrey (1874-1944), newspaper editor – the Times

Dawson, (Henry) Christopher (1889-1970), cultural historian, buried Burnsall

Dawson, William Harbutt (1860-1948), journalist and civil servant

Dean, Richard (1726-1778), essayist and Church of England clergyman, baptised at Kirby Malham

Dean, William (c1557-1588), Roman Catholic priest and martyr, born Linton in Craven

Fleay, Frederick Gard (1831-1909), literary scholar and school master

Hall, David (1683-1756), schoolmaster and Quaker minister

Hartley, Dorothy Rosaman (1893-1985), historian

Holmes, George (1661/2-1749), archivist

Howson, John Saul (1816-1885), biblical scholar and dean of Chester, born Giggleswick

Hyne, Charles John Cutcliffe Wright; pseud. Weatherby Chesney, novelist, died Kettlewell

Lambert, John (bap1619-1684), parliamentary soldier and politician, born at Calton in Craven

Lister, Susanna (1670-1738), natural history illustrator, born Carleton in Craven

Macleod, Iain Norman (1913-1970), politician, Chancellor of the Exchequer

Malham, John (1747-1821) schoolmaster and writer, born Burnsall

Mitchell, William Reginald (1928-2015) journalist and author

Mossman, Thomas Wimberley (1826-1885), Anglican clergyman

Nelson, Sir Amos (1860-1947), cotton manufacturer, resident at Thornton-in-Craven

Petyt, William (1640/41-1707), lawyer and political propagandist

Raistrick, Arthur (1896-1991), industrial archaeologist and pacifist

Robert (‘St Robert’)(died 1159), abbot of Newminster, said to be born in Craven

Sidgwick, Arthur (1840-1920), educational and classical scholar

Sidgwick, Henry (1838-1890), philosopher

Simpson, Nathaniel (1599-1642), writer on arithmetic

Slingsby, William Cecil (1849-1929), Mountaineer

Smith, Stephen Catterson (1806-1872), portrait painter

Taylor, Christopher (1614/15-1646), religious writer and school teacher, born somewhere near Skipton

Taylor, Thomas (1617/8-1682), Quaker minister and writer

Vardill, Anna Jane (1781-1852), poet

Wilson, Charles McMoran, First Baron Moran (1882-1977), physician and writer